When does Kookaburra Cinema operate?

The Kookaburra Cinema season runs from November to April each year. Check this website or the facebook page to find out the exact date that we open.


What time do the gates open?

During November/December the gates open at 6:30 PM. From January onward the gates are open from 6:15 PM.


What time does the movie start?

During November/December the advertising slides start at 7:45 PM, followed by trailers for upcoming movies. The main feature starts at approximately 8:00 PM.
From January onward, the feature commences closer to 7:45 PM.


Do I need to bring my own chair?

We have some 300 deck chairs so there is generally no need to bring your own seating. There may be some who, for various reasons, are unable to manage the deck chairs and prefer their own seats.

You are welcome to bring your own chair, provided it is set up so as not to block the view of other patrons.

On a very busy night where it is likely that the deck chairs will be filled, preference will be given to those patrons who provide their own seating when numbers are close to capacity.


Can I book tickets in advance?

We are not set up to take advance bookings and payments, and as we are subject to weather conditions, can’t guarantee the booking. Groups of 10 or more may reserve seating, and pay for their tickets upon arrival. We do, however, take bookings for picnic tables (6 seater) or 2 seater glass tables on the deck. There is a $5 reservation fee, payable on the night. If you do not arrive by 7:15 PM and have not advised the cinema that you are running late, the table will be freed up for other patrons to use. The same applies to group seating reservations.